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Hi, I'm Susan Shaw and I'm running for a 3-year seat on Cranford's Board of Education

Vote Ballot Position #1


Proven Experience


Parent Teacher Council President

Masters in Special Education

Former Elementary Teacher

Court Appointed Special Advocate

OAS PTA President

Proven Community Advocate

19 Year Cranford Resident

My Core Values

  • Ensuring the social emotional well-being of our School Community

  • Creating pathways for success for every student

  • Empowering every stakeholder to have a voice that is heard

  • Implementing school safety and security measures that provide a secure learning environment

  • Promoting necessary upgrades to our school including full-day kindergarten

  • CPSD Strategic Planning Council

  • CPSD Referendum Exploration Steering Committee

  • Cranford Police Dept. Community Advisory Board

  • Joint Action Committee on Underage Substance Abuse

  • CPSD Pandemic Response Committees

  • The Equity and Inclusivity Initiative

  • Interview panels for Principals, Vice Principals and Dept. Heads

Experience Advocating For Our Community

It is my belief that you can see what a person values by where they spend their time. Over the years, I have spent much of my time volunteering in my children’s schools or at the district offices as part of committee and task force meetings. As part of my journey with the CPSD I have been involved in so many different initiatives and one of the biggest things that I noticed is a common strand that everyone wants the best for their child and a frustration when they do not believe that their voice is being heard. I believe that this problem has most likely existed throughout history, but under recent circumstances it has been daunting as a parent as we have navigated a pandemic, school shootings, and other matters impacting our social climate. 


It is my belief that parents must feel empowered to make a difference in their child’s life and that empowerment comes from feeling heard. Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to reach out to the Principals, Teachers and Parents to see what their concerns were with the District. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with members of the School Board and the Superintendent to help address these concerns. It is my promise that if elected, I will listen to each and every concern you may have. There are many issues and most of the time there is no one right answer for an issue. It is my belief that the more collaborative the approach the better the outcome.


To recap, if elected I will use my experience in Education, my passion for advocating, and my knowledge of the School District to ensure that the District provides a learning environment where every child feels safe, secure and is given every opportunity to succeed.

My Beliefs

Paid for by Susan Shaw for Board of Education, 27 Windsor Pl, Cranford, NJ 07016

How to contact me

27 Windsor Pl, Cranford, NJ 07016, USA


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